Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Gran Caneria 13 Nov 2017

The botanical gardens that is situated along the side of the '50 metre' road that leads to the hotel is closed on Sunday's, so today is our first chance to visit it.  While it looks small, it is packed with exhibits. We enjoyed our walk around - up and down the hill, up and down the hill, taking pictures of the various plants.  Then the day was spoilt when by camera battery needed to be charged.
This morning, for breakfast, I had found mushrooms - they were peppered, not too much, but enough to disguise the delicate flavour.  There is also porridge available, which I will try another day.
After breakfast we spoke to the representative from Jet 2, who scribbled a lot of things to do on the map.  As Jo is better today, our exploration can begin.
Approaching lunchtime, we walked into San Fernando, finally away from the resort area, with its endless hotels and into a residentail area we began to get a better feel for the island.  San Fernando has a long shopping street with both small shops and cafes and large department stores. We had lunch outside a very Spanish cafe - I had deep fried chicken wings and chips, the chicken was very hot and just about cooked - still a little pink. Fortunately it did not make me ill.  Jo's chicken sandwich looked much better.
In the supermarket we bought dish cloths, honey, lemon and cough sweets.  On the way back we visited the park - a formal garden, a play area for children, and quite a lot of seating.  It was mainly populated by youngish men comsuming cans of cheap larger and laughing and joking loudly.  The park is next to the church, which is closed all day on Mondays, and open at 7:30pm every other day.  We had a drink in a bar opposite the church before making our way back to the hotel.
We decided to try dinner in the refectory - serve yourself (like breakfast). I had grilled Tilapia, potatoes, peas and sweet corn. It was nice enough, but unremarkable.

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