Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Gran Cararia 14 Nov 2017

We decided to do the round trip that the Jet 2 representative had recommended, but we started later than planned because of a poor night's sleep.  Breakfast was very crowded (perhaps something to do with being later) either way a light breakfast was planned - just porridge and toast.
Bad news from the family meant some onward communication was required which added another delay, but these things cannot be avoided.
By now an hour later than planned we set off for the bus.  Not sure of the stops we walked further than we needed and waited ... and waited.  The bus from Maspalomas to Puerto Rico is the number 90.  The time table on the stop says it is due at 23 minutes past the hour.  At about 50 minutes past the hour a number 90 went past while I was checking that I hadn't somehow mis-understood the timetable.  So the timetable is wrong.  The next 90 came about an hour later.  The plan for the day had fallen apart.
The bus journey was un-eventful, stopping in quite a few villages, and only spending a short time on the dual carriageway. We arrived in Peurto Rico and got off the bus.  It is a tourist trap and very busy. We had lunch at a very international resturant, with menus in at least seven languages, called Mau-Mau.  The food was good and the service friendly but the orange juice is from a box, not freshly squeezed as we have found it in most other places.
Then onto the ferry, part two of the round trip.  It sails on the hour every hour and is right at the end of the bay.  We missed it by about a minute, it went just as we arrived to buy tickets.  So, time for ice cream and a walk around the end of the bay.  It was a hot day and we were both soon covered in melted chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce.
Finally, we get on the ferry to Morgan.  The ferry provides some great views of the island - the volcanic rocks, dry and apparently uninhabited contrast with the clusters of modern hotels in each gully, and the crowded beaches in each bay.  The way the hotels climb the side of the mountain reminds me of Cornwall, although the climate is radically different as are the buildings, but the principle is the same.
Once in Morgan, and with our trust in the bus service destroyed we find the return bus first.  We had intended to then look around, but the bus is there and almost ready to go.  We decide to board as there is no telling whether the next one will run or when.  It is a shame because this is the first town that looks like it existed before the tourist invasion and still retains a little of the character it once had.  Some of the architecture looks quite interesting.  The bus journey back is direct and anything but interesting as it speeds along the dual carriageway.  It would drop us at the top of the hill on the opposite side of the hotel to where we picked up the 90, but I didn't know that, so as I was following it on googls maps, we jumped off with about a mile to go (on foot).  The bus had at least another couple of miles and was going south instead of west at the time.
At the top of the hill we bought chocolate from the Spa shop.
We sat in the bar at the hotel and had a drink and relaxed after our unnecessarily speedy trip.

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