Monday, November 13, 2017

Gran Caneria 12 Nov 2017

Jo is still not well, so today we will mainly stay in the room.  Our first real experience of the hotel is breakfast.  It is downstairs, underneath the foyer.  There is a huge variety, as there has to be for any hotel dealing with an international clientele.  Now I want a full english breakfast, but I cannot find mushrooms or tomatoes. There is also a very strange small flat cake like thing which turns out to be made of potatoe, egg and cheese.  It has a rubbery texture, but is very tasty.  The other strange thing was the lack of cold milk for the cereal.  Not a good breakfast experience for the first day.
Quite a while after breakfast we took a stroll out of the hotel and towards the beach.  We walked for about a mile, just past the fork in the road where it crosses what looks like a dried up miniature canal which I believe is a large drainage ditch - Barranco de Maspalomas. We stopped in a restuarant on the edge of the canal and had drinks and a very nice lunch - grilled sardines for me and vegetable risotto for Jo.
We then took a very lesiurely stroll back to the hotel (43/min per mile).  There we paid for some time on the TV (there are only a couple of free channels) to watch a replay of the Brazilian GP.  The TV channels are not as listed, either on the TV, or the cards in the gueats book.  Nothing unusual there.
Most of the day was spent reading and relaxing - the only way I can enjoy the heat.

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