Sunday, September 19, 2010

Returning Roots

Alison & Peter, our link missionaries and longer time friends have been back from Tanzania a while.  Our church was one of their supporting churches.  Jo and I have known them a lot longer and were therefore please to host one of the meals that they shared with members of Christ Church as they spoke about their time in Tanzania and the reason for their return.  They are slowly getting re-accustomed to England.  Cars and parking, supermarkets and cold weather, long hours of daylight and the equality found in our society are all things we have discussed since their return.  You can see how the re-establishment of their home is going on the Roots News blog.  This morning they spoke at both the 8am and 10am services.  They shared a summary of their time in Tanzania.  Some of the pictures they showed us are on the blog - so do take a look.  There is also a website that they used while in Tanzania - it is still in existence, so if you would like to read what they said a while ago try, but it may not last long!  I have a link on my site to a blog called 'because baronesses are people too'  - its closed now, so will be removed soon.  I mention it here because one of the themes of last night was that missionaries are people too - just like you and I.  Well some of you anyway.  Let me explain.  Perhaps it would have been better if I had said "We are all missionaries really, some of us just go overseas to carry out our mission", then you would see that 'missionaries' are just like you and I. (If you're a Christian that is.)  We all have the mission of caring for the world and spreading the good news that Jesus has beaten death.

Sometimes that mission can involve some very difficult - even life threatening - problems.  That was partly the theme of the 10am service, where Warner spoke on 1 Peter 4:12-19.  The church was packed, with two baptism parties totalling around 70 people and a regular congregation.  He started with a sweet shop and his family 'advertising' their favourite sweets.  It certainly got the attention of those listening.   A difficult topic handled honestly (as it was) may well have a greater impact on those hearing the message for the first time than a simple message that doesn't portray the gospel accurately.

In other news, this afternoon, our Sky-TV system was upgraded to HD (thanks to Andrew).  We now have even more channels - many showing the same programs in better quality pictures.  One of the first adverts I saw was for Sky-3D.  Where does it end?

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