Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top 10 @ Christ Church #10 Covetousness

J.John is a very entertaining speaker.  It would have been good to have him 'in the flesh', but the best we could manage was video.  It was better than good enough.  A very relaxed, informative and somewhat challenging evening for me.  I'd love to know what others thought of it - so if you're reading this, please comment.

There were 85 people in church on Wednesday night.  Many of them I had not seen for a long time, some I hardly seen at all.  We were greeted with refreshments and then sat in relative comfort to watch the first video.  Afterwards people were allowed to chat, have more refreshments and talk to the vicar if there was anything pressing or if they were in need of prayer.

There were 6 principles mentioned in the video, which we struggled to remember afterwards, but Warner promised to get them from the video and write them down.  That's good, but what is more important is the things that God spoke to people about as they listened to J. John.  Some will know exactly what God said. I hope they take it seriously and act upon it.  Others won't be so sure, for them I pray that they will understand (and get help in trying if they need it) and act on what was said.  Some will just have enjoyed the jokes and not really taken it seriously.  That was me once, and the preacher was Eric Delve.  It was part of my journey to faith.  I pray also that others have taken a step in the right direction in their journey, and that it may end in the same place as mine will.

Bring on next week - can't wait

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