Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Almost like starting again ...

That seems to be the theme of the day.

I was preaching Sunday morning and as I listened to myself I was not at all happy with the balance. Here's roughly what I said. Too much concentration on the problem and too little discussion of how to avoid it.  Warner added a prayer at the end which worked well.   However God did manage to speak to some people through it.  I got some helpful feedback, but also just some "well done"s, which I'm never that sure about. I MUST remember to respond to those with some sort of question  ...
I haven't reacted like that to the structure and content of one of my sermons since the very early days.

That was the first 'starting again'.

After lunch, a bottle of Bishop's Finger and the Hungarian Grand Prix (perhaps Mark Webbers best race?), I decided to go for a cycle.  I only managed the shortest of my courses and had a very sore knee at the end.  I
was also feeling quite tired.

That was the second 'starting again'

In the evening we took Brody and some sandwiches and went to Matching Tye for a 1.5 hour walk through the very dry countryside. Most of the time we were walking across or around fields of grain clearly ready for the harvest.  If there's any appreciable rain now it will all be flattened and rot. The walk officially started at the Village Hall, but we started from and returned to The Fox Inn.  They have a very large garden so it was easy to fit Brody in.

I slept well Sunday night!

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