Saturday, February 06, 2010

Frost Damage

Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the Garden, we are promised that the cold weather will return.  Since I started travelling on the bus I have stopped liking the cold weather.  It's not being ON the bus that's the problem.  We are protected from the wind, and even the ones without heaters have enough people on them to raise the temperature a degree or two. The problem is waiting for a bus.  No comfortable (relatively) train station, nicely covered, and partly underground.  There is just a bus shelter with barely enough roof to keep the rain off, or sometimes just a pole stuck into the path.  I just have to stand there and wait. 
I could walk to the next stop - its only three or four minutes away, but the bus could pass me as I do - and it has happened a number of times.  Alternatively I could walk four of five stops and still the bus doesn't come.  It's on those occasions whether I've walked or not that I get very cold.

Other things have suffered in the cold too.  The water gets in, freezes, expands and pushes things apart.  If you're visiting my house - take care.  I hope it will be fixed soon. 

Meanwhile, I have been potting the amaryllises and dahlias in preparation for better weather.  Next week contains February 9th, which was my Dad's birthday.  I remember there being snow on the ground for almost all his birthdays.  Lets see what the week brings.

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