Monday, February 08, 2010

God's little joke

Well, I'm sure you can think of many, but here's the one played on me.
For a while now I've been ranting on and off about the Christ church notice sheet.  I've done a few small things to try to improve it - to make it easier to use - so that the information is clearer, and to make it easier to update.  These things are mutually exclusive a lot of the time.  It's one of those issues where I lack grace.  Red rags and bulls are nothing by comparison.  So don't ask me about it if you value your ears - I'll only chew them off for you!  Warner has also been trying to improve things, and his attempt IS a big improvement.  He's had an email that was perhaps a little too straight forward - not rude but rather curt.  But this is just background so that you can appreciate what happened next.  There I was Sunday morning - settled comfortably in my seat, expecting a good sermon from Margaret - which I got in due course, and enjoying the band and the worship.  I looked down at my notice sheet to make a note about the verse sequence on a particular song.  It wasn't listed.  Neither was the next one.  I pointed to the poor formatting, and the song list and said to Liz -"So this is a complete work of fiction then!"  and crossed out the hymn list rather dramatically. Liz checked her sheet - sure enough it was spot on - every hymn listed correctly.  Further examination showed my notice sheet to be dated 6 Dec 2009.  Last weeks surplus notice sheets are recycled on Sunday mornings - every week.  How did that one survive two whole months.  God goes to a lot of trouble, it seems, to show us how easily we make fools of ourselves.

The first Sunday of the month sees us off into the countryside for a pleasant stroll close to one of our local towns or villages. This time we met outside The Hoop, in Stock.

After a short wait while we organised car parking and generally got together we started off. there were about 40 of us, which is a really good attendance.

Passing "The Bear" we left the centre of the village and began walking past back gardens until eventually we came to All Saints Church.
We crossed the main road and left most of the houses behind, returning to it near Crondon Park golf course. The round Stock walk did not take very long, perhaps close to two hours. It was not a pleasant day, we got quite wet and some of us very muddy. Nevertheless it was enjoyable. On our return to"The Hoop" six of us went inside to enjoy the refreshment on offer.

An excellent way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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