Sunday, August 30, 2009

On yer Bike ...

As one of our more 'colourful' politicians used to say to the unemployed.
I was up earlier than expected this morning, so decided to cycle to church. This is the bikes first outing since the injury. I have normally managed 6 or 7 trips by now. It is only 2 miles each way, and there's plenty of time to rest in the service, as I wasn't doing anything. I was tired when I got back, and expect to have a little stiffness tomorrow. This shows me how much of my fitness I have lost, and there wasn't much to start with!

Christ Church had a new service leader for the first time, and he did very well, and said he enjoyed it. Being a fifth Sunday the youth band played - they are better than they realise, even though I make a point of telling them. Our preacher was also not one of the regulars, and she did a good job of making us thing about the situation between Mary and Jesus on her return to the temple to find Him. What was Jesus thinking when he stayed behind? What was Mary thinking when she returned, and when she found him? Right now I am more in tune with Mary, as we have learnt that Karen and her young people must spend the night in Cairo.

The illusive grandfather has made an appearance. Here he is in a picture with two others, who I don't know, standing behind them. This is the only picture of him we have found.
George Fisher was apparently 56 when he died, although I have to say he looks older to me.

Below is grandmother Annie Fisher, with my Aunt Phyllis (20) and my uncle Philip (16):

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