Thursday, August 02, 2018

Activity SuperStress (SuperStore)

We were given a voucher for the Activity Superstore, unfortunately we somehow didn't have the receipt we needed to use on the website.  That may have been a good thing in the long run, I can't tell.

The website is AWFUL, not the layout, but the content.  Twice we found things we wanted to book, only to find that they did not exist at the next level of menu.  You cannot search by county, or post code, only town or village - this is really un-helpful, as I don't want to travel to Scotland for a tasting experience.

We got a phone number and called, after a recorded message telling me there is a seven pence a minute surcharge for the call I was put straight on hold!  I explained the situation and the guy gave me a number said refresh the page to continue the process.  I refreshed the page and it immediately prevented me from logging in.  Another yp/min call to a woman who did something and gave us a phone number to ring the venue.  If I had been told that I could easily have found the number without the need for another 7p/minute call.

It is now booked.  Let's hope the activityis better than the booking process.

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