Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dog Weekend

Saturday morning's first activity is to take Brody to Sun Corner and attempt to wear him out.  This is almost always a failure because his recovery time is very short.  Sun Corner is a green space (three joined fields) a few minutes walk away.  He is very often recovered and ready to play by the time we get home.
I hear some strange things when I'm out with Brody.  On Friday night I passed four women (I can't call them ladies, there behaviour makes that impossible).  They were all a little passed drunk.  As I passed one of them was pushed out of the way by the dog because she had stumbled into his path.  She said to her friend "Was that a blind man?"  No, I'm not, I'm just a concerned dog walker.
Back to Saturday morning, wandering across Sun Corner, putting the 'empties' in the bins, I found a Blackberry (not a fruit, a mobile phone).  It was working so when I got home Liz helped me find who the owner was.  They later came and collected it - they didn't seem that pleased!

Sunday morning starts the same way as Saturday.

Today, being the first Sunday, was the church walk.  Only a few of us there, many of the regulars are at the "Just Looking" course at church.  We went up to Lea Valley, a wildlife wetlands park.  Brody went in at the deep end which was a bit of a surprise for the poor animal.  I had to help him out because the bank was too steep for him.

So I'm now at the end of a tiring weekend. 

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