Thursday, November 11, 2010

SMB Curry Night

On Tuesday evening I went to the SMB Curry night.  They are preparing to launch as a charity.  SMB have been going about 20 years and I have been to a curry night for them before.  The last time they were mentioned here was back in 2007.  The evening was very enjoyable and the food served by the Indian Ruchi was very good.  I hope that SMB made a reasonable profit on the evening.  As always, when I eat Indian food I eat too much.  This left me with bad indigestion during the night.  I never learn.

I had worked reasonably late.  On the bus on the way home I met Mark Pape, our former youth worker.  He now works for SMB.  He was travelling back from their base to Billericay.  With him was Ray, the youth worker from the Methodist Church, who I hadn't met until then.  It was Ray who I ended up sitting next to at the Curry Night.  Another one of those strange God-incidences?

The only other thing to mention is the quiz.  It was geared to my age group, so I was able to contribute a little, but that's not the point.  It was also quite controversial because of the number of disputed answers.  The quiz itself was fun, but the discussion afterwards was great.  (and it stayed friendly)

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