Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to the old days

We have come to that time in our lives when we have been married for 25 years.  Yesterday we visited our close friends as they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.  25 years ago I was best man at Jim & Nicola's wedding.  On Friday night I was phoned and asked "Accustomed to public speaking as you are, would you like to say a few words?"  The answer wasn't "Yes", but I did agree.  It wasn't a best man type speech, just a few memories and lots of appreciation. Their family has grown up and is moving away but their service to Jesus and His church continues. There were quite a few friends we hadn't seen for a while.  Our CYFA leader, who has just retired, and friends who have returned from many years as missionaries in Tanzania.

Will any of us make 50, and if we do will I still be blogging? 

This morning John Carr visited Christ Church, he is an excellent preacher and gave us a very straight forward sermon on prayer, which will be on the web site in a day or two.  We also sang some 'traditional' (for me) hymns - Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, which was printed on the Evening service service sheet when I joined Christ Church in 1979/80. 

So it really has been back to the old days.

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