Sunday, June 06, 2010

Dog Week / Foulness Island at last

Getting up early this morning to walk Brodie before we went to church was the hardest part of the week. Other than that the extra time out has not been a chore. Jo and I had lunch in the 'garden' at the Coach and Horses on Saturday and Brodie sat with us and was very well behaved. The family has talked more - we spent an evening swapping dog stories, and I'm getting to know my youngest son again, having walked with him and the dog twice.
Today, leaving him behind and going to church was difficult, it was also the first time he had been left on his own.  He was not happy when we returned some 3 hours later.

Warner preached on Luke 10:1-9 and started by showing Bubble Creek Canyon. He talked about being sent (to Billericay for an awful lot of people), and ended with the acronym P.R.A.Y
Pray for Peace
Relationships (esp Hospitality)
Acts of Kindness
Yahweh's Kingdom.
To make sense of it all the text is here.

After Church we left poor Brodie again and headed for Foulness Island (my last attempt is here).  Revd James Knight, one of my Great Great Great (enough greats, or too many - not sure)  Grandfathers on my mothers side, was Rector there from 1832 until he died in 1844 he was in his eighties.  I suspect that he wanted an easy parish for the last few years of his life, there being no retirement in those days.  In 1845 the current Church was built, so perhaps I'm wrong thinking he had an easy last few years.  The current Rectory was built slightly later.  The local historian gave us an idea of the location of the previous church, and told us where to look.  It was just a small chapel built many years before (13??) so that the local people did not have to travel to attend Church.

Once again there was no physical evidence of my ancestors.

Then it was back home to see a limping dog.  What happened I do not know, but when he gets going it eases up and he can trot and run OK, so there isn't much wrong.

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