Friday, May 07, 2010

Elections May 2010

I'm hoping and assuming that you've all done your part, and put your cross on two Ballot papers.  I went further than usual this year and stood as a candidate in the local council election.  I came 2nd, the result is here. It isn't bad considering that this is a very safe seat.  I wasn't really expecting to win.  Here though is the proof, a copy of the leaflet which should have been delivered throughout Billericay, but I know was not, because people have told me.
Here is the local Liberal Democrats website

It was a strange process, the only qualification seemed to be that I was willing for my name to be put on the ballot paper.  I have been a member of the party for a long time, but never an active member - I have never been to a branch meeting, for example.  Then there are the unbelievable number of pieces of paper.  Thankfully the local agent dealt with all that. I did get 4 (FOUR) letters inviting me to the various post election proceedings - monitoring and counts etc. - and so did all my family.
If I ever stand again I have my first costs saving idea!

So what would have happened if I had won, if the Nick Clegg effect had yielded more than 4% increase in the liberal vote?

I would have treated it as an Act of God and responded accordingly - Tried to be a good effective councillor. After all it seems that politics and faith have at least one thing in common.  To serve you just have to be available and willing.

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