Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grave Hunting, Jam and Windows 7

The nice thing about graves is they move very slowly, unfortunately it is not a slowly as you might hope. 
There are other things that make it difficult to have any idea who the stone relates to.  Lichen can obliterate the writing very quickly (see album), sometimes the stone flakes and the top layer is missing. In the case of Mountnessing, the church was closed for a while, when it was re-opened the grave yard was tidied up, and many of the broken and damaged stones lost.
We arrived at Buttsbury just as Evensong began, there the church yard is also missing stones, but we don't know why.
We did not find any of the names we were looking for - this time on Jo's side of the family.
That was Sunday afternoon, a lovely day for wandering in the countryside, and the churches provided some lovely views, if not the right grave stones. 

Jam is not like stone, but I promised here, that I would talk about the jam.  At the alternative Christmas Fayre we bought a pot of Elderberry Jelly from the Mum and Me Jam Company. It's been in the cupboard a while, as is the way with jam in our house.  Jelly, well yes, I suppose, but the jelly has the consistency of the jelly you have at children's parties.  It is quite difficult to spread, however rather that than the commercial version of some "jellies", which turn to liquid at the first slice.  The taste is very good and that's what really counts.

Now that the Projection project is finished at Church, I can get on with my own migration to Windows 7.  Migration is slow, but is happening - you can see the updates here.

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