Saturday, February 20, 2010


As my rapier wit will not allow me to get to the cut and thrust of the issue until I have parried away all these useless puns, I'll just have to get to the point.  We have been trying to put up a fence.  Yesterday I had a day off work.  Andy and Mike were also off work.  We started shortly before 10am in the end.  The next few hours were spent cutting back trees and preparing the line.  It has to be quite a high fence but the drop to the base is already 18 inches or so (~0.5m) below the level of the garden because that's where the level for the drainage ditch is.  It is very muddy.  We have the line cleared and the holes were dug for the four posts.  There is not a great drop from one end to the other but there are a couple of mature trees to pass.  There are also many less mature trees that mark the existing border.  One of the holes (only one) immediately filled with water, it was second from the top of the run of four.  We put the posts in the holes and packed them down with hardcore and stones.  Then we put a cement cover on.  It was unlikely to work, but what else is there to do?
This morning we found that the cement is still soft, so work for the day is over.  We moved the tree cuttings on to the garden to block access to the property. 

The reason for all this work at the wrong time of year: The boys want to get a dog.  The garden must be secured.  Project Dog is now on hold pending some dryer weather.

By late afternoon we had finished work for the day, so had some time free.  I visited the recycling centre with some old CRT computer screens (all working) but nobody wants them - you really cannot give them away. 
Then we went to look for fencing for another part of the garden.  It seems that you can't buy fencing this time of year!

This morning I was feeling stiff from the previous days exertions.  Surprisingly though it was my left shoulder that was painful - not my right.

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