Sunday, January 24, 2010

Work is Worship / Exercise

From Colossians 3:15-17 we learnt that the Hebrew word for Worship and the Hebrew word for work are the same Adovah.  It makes you think about Monday morning (through to Friday afternoon).  It also makes you think about Sunday morning. We have all been at our work this morning!  Warner made good use of the projector and kept our attention with pictures and text.  So that's my challenge for next week!

As there was a little conversation this morning about my hope to cycle to work, I thought I would provide an update on today's activity.  I had things to do today so the route changed.  In conversation earlier I had been told of a website that will find the flattest route. was not working, but I found which will at least show me an altitude profile of my route:

Depending exactly where I mark the start/finish on the map I get 4.6+ to 4.8 miles, so the distance is up very slightly.

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