Saturday, January 09, 2010

Snow Saturday

There's been snow on the ground all week.  We are in one of the longer cold snaps in the UK. This one is affecting the south and east of England as much, if not more than elsewhere.  This is also unusual. Nothing like 1963, but still unusual enough to make the news every day.  Journeys to and from work have been interesting and longer than usual.  On Thursday I worked from because of the fearful forecast of four inches. That much would undoubtedly stop the buses and probably the trains too.  This morning it was snowing again, but has stopped now.  I have re-cleared our path to the street and put some more salt down.  I have quite enjoyed chipping away at the ice and sweeping the remains of the snow into the road.  That's about all I have enjoyed.  The rest is just another difficulty to be overcome.  Largely we have succeeded in overcoming it.  The country has not ground to a halt yet.  Things are harder  but not too hard. As much as we'd like to believe we've failed, in truth we haven't done too badly.  Other places are worse.  I've heard reports that Germany and France have both suffered unusual amounts of snow, and have problem with their own transport systems.

Yesterday the double glazing repair man arrived exactly as planned.  He replaced 12 hinges on 6 windows and made sure that they opened and more importantly closed properly.  Yesterday evening I sat in the office behind the newly repaired and closed windows without need for a jumper.  Time to turn the heating down a notch.  So far I'm very pleased with the repairs, but time will tell - because we won't be opening the windows until summer comes.

One difficulty overcome, but the snow brings more.  The steps to the front door already have loose edging bricks caused by the last snows.  Now the paving slabs that make up the crazy paving are beginning to disintegrate.

Which just goes to prove that nothing lasts for ever, and that everything must be renewed or replaced.  Even me (Ephesians 4:20-24), even the world, and even the universe. (Rev 21).

Th link to double glazing repairs (above) does not work.  It belongs to Window Maintenance Co, based in Benfleet., Essex

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