Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow before Christmas

It is rare, we seem to keep on saying, to get a reasonable amount of snow in England.  When we do things largely grind, or rather slide, to a halt.  Last night we had five inches - measured on the top of Andy's car this morning.  It was well forecast and as a result much of the transport infrastructure was still working this morning.  The schools were closed, of course.
I  prepared myself properly, I was well wrapped up and had walking boots on.  New snow is not a problem to walk on.  Just a little ice is, as I found out at the beginning of the year.  The journey to work took only 5 minutes longer than usual.  I was given a lift home, we were allowed to go whenever we wanted to today.

Jo was out at a Christmas party last night before the snow started.  Mike went to a friends house with her boots and walked her home, there is no point in trying to drive up our hill unless you really have to.

We are expecting more, so there will be plenty of opportunity to take some really Christmassy pictures.

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