Sunday, September 27, 2009

Children of the Revolution

It must be Seventies revival weekend.

Saturday night saw the Bill Legend band at Christ Church. This was the second time we have seen the band at our church. Read about the last time at: I was definitely a T-Rex fan (still am), and certainly enjoyed the music last night. I also enjoyed listening to Bill. He is a much better speaker two years on. (I also enjoyed the problems they experienced with the technology, and the PowerPoint not working. It's good to know its not only ME that happens to.) We had a great time. The band are serious musicians - just 3 men with guitars and a drummer - some would say that's the archetypal rock band. The sound was wonderful even in Christ Church. There were no missed cues or badly sung songs. The message was clear - its about God and Jesus - that's why we're here. Even the worship songs were good. Saturday night rounded off the week nicely.

On Sunday (its B2CS btw) the band were also at Christ Church to lead the worship. We knew most of the songs and could join in easily. It was loud enough for me to be able to sing without the fear that I might distract someone who really can sing. I prefer the worship music to be loud enough to drown me out and lead by someone who is a really good singer. Our regular musicians are very good, but are not in this style. Warner spoke on Colossians 1:17-23. Calling the people of this land back to faith in Jesus Christ, and Jesus is Lord of All creation, the Church and You? Is he Lord over you too?

Sunday morning started the new week brilliantly.

Sunday afternoon kept up the mood. Lewis Hamilton won the Singapore GP. My unique score sheet is @, and my race summary is @
Jensen Button extended his lead in the Championship table.

Tomorrow is part 2 of Everybody Welcome.

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