Sunday, July 15, 2018

Pendoggett Day 3 (Monday) Move 'em on, head 'em up

What have we learnt today?
The approximate unladen velocity of a trotting cow is 6.5mph

But first there was a tire to deal with.  A J Wadebridge in (obviously?) Wadebridge, took a look at the tire, he tried to inflate it and the problem was obvious – a hole in the side wall.  As for a replacement, no he didn’t have one. So off to somewhere else – ATS in Wadebridge – no he didn’t have one either, but he can get the exact one for tomorrow.  We will see. So we went food shopping, a first Monday of the holiday tradition.  We started at Tesco, looking for fuel, but despite the website saying there is a petrol station there isn’t.  Across the road at ALDI there is no such boast – just food.  It is the first time I have been in an ALDI – not a bad experience.  We got everything we needed and a few things we didn’t.  Lunch, back at the house consisted of Manchego, home-made chutney, oat crackers and salad. A nice lunch.

The Wi-Fi is on, the faulty router was replaced while we were out.  They didn’t go through setup though, so I did what I could without the sign-in – so no adult filters as far as I can tell and because setup is not complete we occasionally get diverted to the setup page.  This is the second holiday where I have had to set up a router!  Now the tablet is connected, and I should be able to get my email going, but there is a problem sending on my home account, that is still to be diagnosed.

After a short break to catch up on our sleep (another very early morning this morning) we headed to The Jamaican Inn to read all about the smugglers and smuggling, and a little about Daphne du Maurier.  On the way we were stopped for a while by a heard of cows that a farmer was moving to another field. Once he finally got them ‘mooving’ I tracked the speed on the Sat-Nav, they averaged 6.5mph.

The lady on the reception at the museum was telling us she was talking to a lady who has been put in room 4. Apparently the most haunted room in the place.  The receptionist found us the cheapest price and we spent about 30 minutes in the small museum.  On returning to the bar we had drinks and then ordered tea. 

Aware that we hadn’t walked much today, we drove off after our meal towards a lake and Goliath Falls.  On the way I took a diversion up a dead end road, much to Jo’s disgust, to see if we could get to another lake. Some way up we crossed a cattle grid, and ended up unintentionally chasing a young cow along the road.  Young cows, especially frightened ones do not run at a consistent speed.  Eventually we got to the falls and walked along the bank of the river Fowey, and climbed up and down the steep banks, watching the Labradors playing in the water, and thinking how much Brody would have enjoyed it.  As the terrain got steeper and harder we decided to turn back, and then returned to the house.

Miles driven so far:379.4

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