Friday, November 17, 2017

Gran Caneria 16 Nov 2017

Once again the island bus service failed to impress.  We waited for the bus at the top of the hill above the hotel, where we could have got off yesterday. The journey to Palmito Park is about 25 minutes, the bus was late again, this time about 15 minutes. We purchased a return ticket.  The zoo is in a valley, it is the furthest inland we have been and it is the hottest day so far with temparatures already at 28 centigrade.
There is lots of climbing to do - up and down the side of the valley, fortunately there is plenty of tree cover.  The geography means that the enclosures are relatively small, so there are no big cats, or wolf packs.  Some of the creatures have much less space than is desirable. 
Apart from the zoo there is an orchid display and a cactus garden. 
The most impressive thing is the dolphin pool, we were determined to see the display but the instructions were not clear, in fact, they mostly concentrated on selling their dolphin experiences - I guess the entrance fee doesn't really cover the cost of running the zoo. 
Arriving too early we decided to have some lunch in the restuarant.  The service was very efficient, they are clearly practised at serving people and getting them out in time for the display.  The food was good, but relatively expensive.
We were sat outside in the full sun just after midday, covered in factor 50 sun cream and shaded only by a wide brimmed hat.  The pool is in a valley, which is a sun trap, it is very hot.  The display is amazing, showing both the skills of the dolphins and their trainers.

The next display was the exotic birds, again we are out in the sun, this time near the top of a hill, it is still very hot. The birds are allowed to fly free, they have nowhere to go, so they always come back - eventually.  On one occasion we were told one has stayed out for three days.  Three different eagles were on display, only two came back during the show, the other was still circling the next ridge, way up above the zoo, it was just visible if you could see it without staring into the sun.
About 4pm we left the zoo and waited in the shade for the bus back.  It arrived empty, and left on time - much better then the outward journey.

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