Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's always that much harder to talk about a service that I've lead.  The inputs are so different from the front.  If you were there and don't recognise this description, then you will see a little of what I saw.  Last Sunday was Pentecost, the day that the Christian Church was born.  The day that the Holy Spirit was given to all who are willing to accept Him.  We know, from our own experience and because the Bible tells us that God will not force himself on anyone.  For those who are willing it is a different story.  I was expecting a mood of celebration but I saw a church at peace, resting perhaps.  Warner used his umbrella to show us that we should allow ourselves to be soaked in the spirit - "It's pouring - put your umbrella down!" (4 times during the sermon), the weather duly obliged and allowed us to get soaked in water.  Lots of poor jokes after the service about getting wet in the rain (some from me).  He talked about the fruits and the indwelling, but he was upstaged by a demonstration.  A lady, who I had not met before, had recently come to a much closer relationship with God and spoke for a minute or two about what had happened to her.  She communicated more than a hundred sermons in that small interlude at the end of the sermon.  The Spirit poured out, overflowed - whatever you would like to call it - but it was plain for all to see.  God communicated His love for His children - us. In that one place I saw the excitement I had been looking forward to.

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