Saturday, May 14, 2011

Narnia Day

A great idea for a wet May Day Bank Holiday - show the three Narnia films, with breaks for games and food.  To improve the entertainment even further invite a live band for the afternoon intermission.  The only problem we had was the weather - it was a glorious weekend.  Nevertheless the setting for Narnia day was brilliant.

We arrived in the Morning for "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".  The foyer had a wardrobe in front of the doors into the worship space.  Passing through the 'coats' you landed on snow! (OK, fake snow - but it looked real enough).  There was a 'gas' lamp as well.
 I neglected to take my camera, so I've had to wait a while for the picture to arrive, and, of course, it is not the shot I would have liked.  It does give a good impression of the decoration in the church.
I've seen all the films before, so had decided that Prince Caspian could be given a miss, it is not even close to the other two in the presentation of the story.  Anyway there needed to be a break for me to come home and walk Brody our Labrador.   We got back in time for the ice cream van and the live band.  Warner was asked to do a solo.  As usual he was very good and has a gift for singing.  I'm waiting for the youtube video of that! I have reviewed The Voyager of the Dawn Treader here. It is a very good telling of the story. 

My thanks to all who were involved in setting this up, I hope all those who attended had as good a day as I did.  Mostly I hope the films communicated more than just a story.  Warner did a 'my favourite part of the film was ...' at the end of each, where he picked out the key Christian message from the films.  For The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe it was the scene where Aslan returns from the dead.  For The Voyage of the Dawn Treader it was the scene where Aslan tells Lucy and Eustace that in their world He is known by another name and they need to get to know him by that name.

That idea sums up the reason for Narnia day.

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