Sunday, August 15, 2010

Long week

I really don't do early.  I never have.  I was born late at night and have always been at my best in the afternoon and evening.  Last week saw a number of early starts.  By Friday I could barely concentrate on the program I was writing and needed some proper sleep.  The changes we were making that required us to be in the office before the users are complete for now, so it should be back to normal next week.   All that made preparing the sermon for the 8am service an interesting prospect.  I was interrupted a number of times, most notably by a guy selling solar power electricity generation. He was talking to me about the 'Feed in Tarrifs' (FITs), a scheme we are dealing with at work (for business users, not private) that provides guaranteed minimum pricing for electricity sold to the grid by micro-generators. A solar panel on a roof, or a wind turbine in the garden would qualify.  He's coming to see us tomorrow.
By early evening the sermon was ready.  I was also ready for bed, but first we had to eat. "Let's go out".  "OK - where?".  "Little Burstead". So off we went to the Dukes Head. How it's changed.  The refurbishment looks very good.  We wandered in.  The style is very different so we waited to ask for a table.  ... and waited.  "I'll be with you in a minute" one of the staff eventually said.  Then he ignored me and served another (more recent) customer. We left.  The Duke is not good enough, we'll try the King.  So we went to the Kings Head at Great Burstead.  They were almost full, but we found a table, ordered our food and drink, and ate a very good meal. 
The 8am went reasonably well, except for the lack of microphones and therefore the hearing aid 'loop', so I hope everyone heard me.  I'm not used to speaking loudly for so long and am a little croaky now, but its all good practice.  My text is here.
The 10am service followed breakfast, where Margaret was preaching and there were two christenings.  It was very busy, but I was starting to fade out a little by the end because of yet another early morning!

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