Monday, August 30, 2010

Last of the Summer Days?

Today is a public holiday in England.  While the rest of the holiday weekend hasn't been nice the weather today was quite reasonable - dry and sunny, if not very warm. Yesterday was busy.  Liz spoke in the morning on faithfulness from the parable of the shrewd manager.  She was also singing with the band.  Warner was leading the service and playing and singing.  It was really too much for both of them, although the service went very well.  There was another christening.  It has been lovely to see so many families in church over the summer, I can't remember another summer like it. This family, like one or two of the others also hired the hall for their celebration afterwards.  There were so many for tea and coffee that I was sent to buy extra milk. 
After that I cycled home (you have to if you've cycled there!) to watch the Belgium Grand Prix.  Spa is always a good race.  The weather is unpredictable and it keeps the teams on their toes.  There were some nasty crashes, particularly the one the ruined Jenson Buttons race.
In the afternoon Jo, Liz and I drove to Luton to see Karen and to 'meet' her boyfriend from Atlanta via a Skype connection.  The technology worked sufficiently well, although putting the laptop on a pouffe was not a good idea.  It got too hot and switched itself off.  Queue a lot of waving of hands and blowing - should have got that on video!  We then went out to The Raven at Hexton for dinner. Liz had been there before, but she can tell you about that if she decides to. The food was good and we had an enjoyable evening.  We got back quite late.

Today was a relaxing day.  I finally got to sleep in late but didn't feel greatly refreshed.  The main task for today was to finally choose the reading I will preach on next Sunday.  Next Sunday we are going to introduce the Just 10 course, so I have been struggling with what should go with that.  I have settled on Matthew 5:17-20 where Jesus says "Do not think I have come to abolish the Law ...".  Now I just need some inspiration to make it  transformational, not just informational. I have also built a list of reading material for the next few days.  This afternoon I have tidied up a small part of the garden - so small you'd probably not notice - and spent a lot of time playing with Brody, our labrador.  I've also 'caught up' on some recorded television programs.  One I found quite upsetting.  Called Mountain Gorilla it chronicled the last weeks of Titus the oldest living silverback.  He and his pack were hounded by one of his sons for weeks until Titus was exhausted.  He then took three weeks to die.  Why am I so affected by this when it takes me weeks to remember to make a donation to the Pakistan floods appeal?  How do my priorities get so messed up?

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