Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Dog?

Preparations are almost complete.  A fence has been erected along the back of the garden, and part of the patio is fenced off.  We are preparing for the arrival of a dog.  Hopefully it will turn out to be "man's best friend" and not our worst nightmare.  All that is required is a family visit, to make sure that the dog does not take an instant dislike to any of us and the arrival of a kennel.  He is about 16 months and apparently well trained.  He has all the appropriate paperwork and all the necessary treatments.

This morning I was preaching at Christ Church.  Our bible reading was Romans 5:1-5.  It is a difficult passage at the best of times, but when there are children in the service it is doubly difficult. My effort is here. See what you think.  I found the service very uplifting this morning.  Andy, one of our youth leaders was service leader and the young people were playing (its a fifth Sunday). They had a couple of adults helping out this time.  They choose easy to sing hymns and make enough sound so that I'm not tentative about my singing - which helps me to get involved in the worship. My illustrations in my sermon went better than I could possibly have hoped, with young people eager to volunteer to help out.  They also helped with the prayers.

A good morning, and surprise result to the Turkish GP made it an excellent day so far.  Better still we have a Public Holiday tomorrow and the weather is improving.

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