Friday, April 02, 2010

IT Director

From yesterday my job title is IT Director.  I couldn't write about it yesterday - there were too many hoaxes being portrayed as news.  That is what yesterday is about.  I have the letter from a few days ago, so it is not a hoax.  It will change what I do quite a bit.  Members of the family reacted differently to the announcement - as they always do.  First I was told that it was a ‘small victory’.  That is true – there is a small pay rise, and some extra responsibility – so some extra work too.  I’m also aware that the bestowing of the title was not in recognition of what I had done, but in the expectation of what I would do, and how that would affect the roles of others.  I am realistic enough to know that things will not change that much.  I was disappointed and slightly downcast by the response.  With all my realistic assessment of what it really means, and why it occurred I was proud to make the announcement.  I felt I had achieved something, or at least had been given the opportunity to achieve something.
The other responses were more positive and in-line with my own reaction.

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