Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How many policemen does it take to arrest a shop lifter?

Last night on the way home I called in at the chemist to inform them that my drug supply was running low.  They had given me a date during next week for my next top-up.  That is too late.  I used up the last weekly ones on Saturday.  I walked along the street and into the shop.  To get to the dispensing counter I passed someone on the phone talking about the price of some of the cosmetics packs.  It's mothering Sunday next weekend so that wasn't a surprise.  When I got to the counter the staff were very distracted.  I heard one of them say "The police have got him" and "He's thrown the bag back into the shop".  As I approached the shop I had noticed nothing suspicious - don't ever ask me to join neighbourhood watch - I'd be useless.  Now there were blue lights flashing outside.  As I left it was very obvious that an arrest was in progress - even to me!

I remember once asking a question in a sermon and promising I would answer it later. Having got the congregation to vote, they were clearly expecting an answer.  However time was moving on so I cut out the piece with the answer in it.  Imagine the disappointment.  After the service I didn't need to imagine it - there were plenty there to tell me exactly how disappointed they were.

So I'd better get back to the question.  I asked Liz as soon as I arrived home.  Her answer: "4".  Just about right, but as I was walking away another car arrived with two more!

I'm all for justice, shoplifters should be prosecuted, but is it really necessary to have 6 policemen at the scene of the arrest?

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