Sunday, February 28, 2010

Does this make you feel insignificant?

These three images come from a much larger composite at I found this while reading someone's blog. 
The size of the earth compared to the size of the Sun
The size of our sun compared to the largest sun yet found.
From a small area of 'empty' space, Hubble looked intently.  What it saw were galaxies - far far away.

How does this make you feel?  There is various speculation about other intelligences 'out there' on the site. Are we alone in an unimaginable vastness?  Are there other intelligences greater than ours?  If there are should we really be thinking of contacting them? "If there's life on other planets than I'm sure that He must know and He's been there once already and has died to save their souls" to quote Larry Norman. Or perhaps it will be our job to tell them too.  Enough idle speculation, now read Psalm 8.

Today in our Diocese, just down the road, less than a pixel away on the top picture something of significance has happened.  Three of the young people who attend Christ Church have been confirmed.  It means that they have made a statement that they will dedicate their lives to Christ, and the Bishop has confirmed the presence of the Holy Spirit within them.

At Christ Church we completed out series on Colossians with the final few paragraphs of the letter. Paul values his friends and makes sure that his message is taken with them to others in the churches.  Warners sermon was linked in to the "Friends Rediscovered" course tonight.

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  1. Glad to hear from you again, Pete. My daughter-in-law plans to come over this morning to fix that RSS thing. (I have no idea what it does but it's at the bottom of the right-hand blog column).

    I've enjoyed reading your recent posts here; I like the one about the two-month-old service sheet best.

    I know you are proud of Karen and Liz in their mature service. Looks as though they are thriving.