Wednesday, December 09, 2009


We have been to Barcelona for the last few days.  Setting off in the early hours of Saturday Morning and returning last night.
I should make it clear to you that I hate travelling, but I enjoy being in other places and exploring them.  So arriving at Stanstead airport two hours before the 7 am EasyJet flight to Barcelona was just the start of a journey I was not looking forward to.  Stanstead was not too crowded at this time of year, and the staff there are pleasant and helpful - always making sure that you move swiftly to the next part of the process.  Getting up at 3am meant that tiredness took the edge off all that was going on.  The ridiculous security, the endless queueing, the long idle waits.  Finding something that I can eat in an airport shop meant Chicken Salad sandwiches before 6am.
The travel agent we had used had not mentioned baggage charges or on-line check-in, and it turned out that neither was required, but I would have like to have been told!  The flight was unremarkable.  Barcelona airport arrivals is poorly laid out with incorrect signage.  Not only did we have a very long walk, but part way through we were diverted to passport control.  The taxi system however is very efficient, and got us so the hotel swiftly.
We arrived at the Catalonia Rubens before mid-day, so there was a short wait while they confirmed our room was ready, and we were in and unpacking.  Having been told that 'everyone' in Barcelona speaks a little English, we tried a local cafe.  No English there at all, but we managed to order a cup of tea -  no milk, but not exactly English tea, it did require sugar  (plenty was provided) and was OK after that.  I tried to order a sandwich from the menu, but I think they were all past their sell-by date.  The woman behind the bar looked at each one, said 'terminal' and chucked it in the bin - so no sandwiches. We went back to the hotel for lunch, then out again to the Place de Catalunia - the Centre of Barcelona. The square is surrounded by plinths with various statues, Below is a woman on a horse, holding a ship above her head.

Then there are the bicycles, whole long rows of them.  you can hire them and drop them off at other points around the city.  The scheme is well used, and the bicycles look to be in good condition.  I did see one dumped though.

Our evening meal was Burger King.  We were tired after a LONG day, and needed to eat then sleep. 
Back at the hotel we had the best nights sleep for a long while.

More later ...

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  1. "A woman on a horse, holding a ship above her head"... What's that all about?