Sunday, November 08, 2009

Alternative Christmas Fayre

I didn't take my camera when I set off for the Christmas Fayre so there are no pictures.  The idea is that we sell various items for Christmas and raise some money for the Church and the organisations that come.  The church was cleared of chairs and tables set out around the edges.  There were people sat at all of the tables.  When I arrived they were the only people in the church.  My sister and niece were there with their fair traded goods (traid craft?).  Jo had a table for the Christ Church Bookstall.  The Mum and me Jam Company were there - I have not heard of this before - its a clever idea.  I have a pot of their Jam - so we'll see how good it is.  I mention just a few - there were stalls all around the church.  Unfortunately there were not many customers, although I'm told the lunches sold well.  We had a better day last year.

The morning had been spent on paper work, although you would hardly know it.  The 'todo' pile doesn't look any smaller, but I had filled a recycling bag.  Having walked the two miles to church and then back home again, and then returned later to help with the chairs for this morning I was quite tired in the evening.  I'm still struggling with my fitness from the beginning of the year.

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