Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jesus dropped the charges

Today I attended the "Diocesan Readers' Day - Eucharist with the Admission and Licensing of Readers" service in Chelmsford Cathedral.  It was a drizzly dark morning, the last of British Summer Time.  There was little summer left, only the warmth to tell you winter had not quite arrived.  I arrived damp in the foyer, just 5 minutes walk from the bus stop.  Do I have a reserved seat - no I don't.  There's a thing.  As I choose not to robe I don't get a reserved seat.  As Readers we are expected to attend this service, and the afternoon talk, which finishes around 3pm.  I could have gone out of a sense of duty, but my main reason was the Licensing of Chris from Hutton. She helped me while I was on my Parish Project - perhaps my favourite module on the course.  I was very pleased to see her licensed at last.
The other great pleasure of the day was the opportunity to hear David Lowman preach.  He is unique among the preachers that I hear, in that he almost always shares events from his own life to make his points.  This makes him a pleasure to listen to - because he really knows his subject well, and is very focussed on his relationship with Christ.  Today was no exception.  He explained how he came across this song, then went on to explain the effect it had on him. A penny dropped!

The picture of an archdeacon dancing round will stay with me for quite some time. That is quite normal when listening to David Lowman.

It was a good day - even if the afternoon session was not up to the standard of last year, there were still some important discussions, which I may well blog on in the coming weeks.

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