Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday 19 September @ Christ Church

Being a third Sunday, there is usually breakfast served between the 8am service and the 10am service. The lady who organises breakfast was on holiday, but her stand-ins did a marvellous job. Jo went to the 8am, we met for breakfast with a number of others, and I stayed for the 10am.

Just as well. Paul Carr from Emmanuel was preaching, he had a PowerPoint with some embedded video. Paul is not used to our limited technology. I did get it working - sort of. We have OpenOffice, and I couldn't work out how to get the video re-sized, so it remained rather small.

Paul asked the Children to draw God. The result was that one boy drew God as an alien. That was the cue for the others to say their drawings were also of aliens. He also used a battery to demonstrate the invisible power of God, by putting first a flat one and the a live one in a remote control car. It was a very good talk. It will be posted here soon. The talk spoke of Jesus as the image of the invisible God.

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