Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everybody Welcome (1)

On a Monday evening may not be the best time, but Warner had asked for one member from every family. I don't think it worked out like that, but there were a lot of people.

We looked at our contacts - individual and those who come through our many activities. It was a long list of things and it is said that growing churches are those that do a few things well. If that is true, what should Christ Church specialize in?
Or put another way, What should Christ Church STOP doing?

There were also 4 'Surveys' about what we do in certain categories and how well we do it. Personally I never scored us above the OK total score on any of the Surveys. Does that mean I'm out of touch, naturally pessimistic, or does it reflect on the church?

I will be very interested to see the overall scores.

Some of the video (we did not see all of this):

Another question we were asked was how we might be able to bring church into some of the groups, although this wasn't discussed in detail, but if we are to turn it into church the groups would have to amend their behaviour to include Worship, Prayer and Scriptural teaching.

In all it was a good evening, and generated a lot of discussion. If it is to turn into a useful exercise then it must result in some changes.

My main concern was that the video, in particular, spoke to situations that were entirely unlike ours, where the need can be readily identified. We will need another phase, before we start work - identifying the needs in the community and the best way to address them - something we have yet to succeed in doing.

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