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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Brody's Recovery

On Monday 3 July 2017 Brody went to the vets to have an operation to remove the Femoral head from his right leg.  The operation was successful.  We picked him up in the early evening, along with drugs - anti-biotics, anti-inflamatory and pain killers. 
He was allowed a little food, which is always a great motivatior for a labrador.  Above he is eating the the first part of his meal and holding his leg in the air.  He was initially quite unhappy, mainly concerned about where his fur had gone, I think.  He would look at his skin, give it a couple of licks then bury his head and give a little whine.  He did not try to lick the white patch at all - as though he knew he shouldn't.  When he tried to sit on his right side he would jump up and walk about for a bit and then give me a very hard long stare.
Administering the tablets is easy, although I do wish they would give me tablets that don't have to be cut up - 1½ of this one and ¾ of that one.  The main motivator is cheese, anything hidden in cheese is eaten with enthusiasm.  The liquid was another challenge.  I decided to give him 3/4 of his lunch, then squirt the liquid in his mouth and quickly follow it with the final quarter of lunch. In the first two days this has worked reasonably well, but he does not like the taste of the liquid.  We also have a cold pack which is supposse to be put on his wound for 15 minutes 4 times a day.  Keeping him still for 15 minutes is a challenge!
On Tuesday his recovery was going well, we know this because he sneaked into the kitchen and stole a carrot (that's a normal Brody trick).  Later that evning he heard a sound in the garden and jumped off the sofa and clearly hurt himself as he stopped very abruptly and took a few seconds before he moved again, then limped very badly.  When the sun goes down this evening I will try a very short walk out the front, only becaause he keeps asking.

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