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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bucklers Hard - Day 2: A hard night's day

The room was very warm when we went to bed. We are not used to sleeping in the same room as Brody, so a combination of the heat and a dog moving around meant that sleep was difficult. It is at least properly dark. Sleep did not last long, soon Brody was asking to go out. Jo took him, and we went back to sleep. Soon Brody was asking to go out. Jo took him. It's worse than having a baby. So, when the alarm went off, waking was also difficult.
The room is not large, but it is a good room, the shower is good too. The cups, however, are small - meant for the coffee machine, not for cups of tea. Shortly after that it was of to our private, dog friendly, dining room for breakfast. The breakfast bar in the restaurant is amazing, it took a while to work out what was what. Milk, for example, is in the same bottles as the fruit juices, and is kept in a large ice bucket. The large jug of white liquid is yoghurt! The breakfast itself is very good and nicely presented.
After breakfast, I read the Guardian (paper edition) and Jo was cross-stitching. Then we went to the bar for a pot of tea. It was still raining. Eventually the rain stopped, so I took Brody for a walk. The rain started, but stayed light, so he had a reasonable walk.
Lunch, not really needed, was late, and less than impressive. We both had a Ham and tomatoe sandwich. The bread was thin, and the tomatoe only just exceeded the lettuce.
It was still raining.
We took a drive to Brockenhurst. On leaving the hotel drive there were 5 cows wandering along the road, we had to wait for them to get out of the way. We saw other cows wandering or sitting by the road, some in dangerous places. Brockenhurst is a nice little village, where I got some cash. At one end of the village a stream crosses the road. It's not quite Buttsbury wash, but the cars still race through and spray water over anyone close by.
It is still raining, we went to the Turfcutters Arms for tea. There was a roaring fire in the grate, so I had to check that it is still June, and we hadn't time travelled to December. Our meals were very nice, and very good value. Finally, back in the hotel, we walked Brody round the village, hoping for a better night and a drier day.

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