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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bucklers Hard - Day 1: Hard Rain

After waiting for Jo to finish at Christ Church, we had a quick sandwich, loaded the car and set out. At this point it was dry, but the forecast is for rain, specially where we are headed. Sure enough, just over the bridge the rain started. We stopped at Fleet Services, which is being re-built. It is very open, light and airy, and quite pleasant, although we could not stop as we have Brody with us. We arrived about 5pm, at The Master Builders House hotel, we are in the extention, a modern hotel room, but an old fashioned key - no card entry to be hacked. We were soon unpacked and in the room, Brody settled in quickly, and was soon asleep beneath the TV.
We are unlikely to go out tonight because of the rain, and diner is booked in the restaurant at 8:30. When reserving a table I was asked "Will you be dining with your dog?". That has got be question of the week!
The meal was excellent, although the portions are small, it is that type of cuisine, but we enjoyed it very much, and being in a private dining room did not affect the service.

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