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Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Saturday Easter Pick 'n' Mix #EasterPnM

Five short sketches in Billericay town centre, repeated on the hour and half hour from 10am until 5pm make up Easter Pick 'n' Mix telling the story of Easter.

We started with 'Dice Cubes', where Mr Waddiungtons world of games is being taken over by his characters, how will he sort that out? Well, if you know the Easter story, you can guess that his son ends up being nailed to a cross.

Then in to Waitrose for some supplies and a coffee before moving to the graveyard, where Holmes and Watson are investigating a missing body -  problem solved: it got up and walked away!

 In the Mayflower hall Peter is drowning his sorrows and chatting to Mary Magdeline.  This is a serious and moving piece of drama.  There is also free tea and coffee, but as I had just finished a Waitrose coffee, we just sat and watched.
Off to Greggs for a sandwich, and into St. Mary's to eat it and listen to three girls inviting another member into their gang.  The new member is not what she seems, and we soon atrat to see how nasty girls can be.  This sketch has a clever twist and portrays the gospel message of forgiveness.
The final sketch took place in the coldest part of town, in the yard between the High Steet and the Waitrose loading bay, off Alma Link, Here a Roman soldier gives us his wisdom on the day he has had, with an extra crucifixion thrown in at the last minute.  A very long, interesting monologue.

Well done to all who took any part in the day, the sketches were very good, entertaining, informative and thought provoking.  I don't know  how long this link will be active, but right now it has some videos of the day:

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