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Monday, July 06, 2009

Epson Stylus SX200 - Ink Cartridge Change (Offline)

Had my first attempt at an ink cartridge change last night. One hour later I went to bed, cartridge changed, but Oh how frustrating.

It's a good idea - it just doesn't work.

The light has been flashing for ages, but prints have been OK. I tried to photocopy a document and just got some grey patches on the paper. The light was still only flashing.

OK, clean the print heads - multiple times, I've owned Epsons before.

In off line mode the printer just doesn't do what the book says it should.

Switch it off, switch it on while holding down 'stop'. Listen to the head move, the clicks, bangs, whooshes and whirs. Wait patiently for the print - it didn't come. Second time it did. 3rd, 4th, 5th it didn't. Now the light is on solidly, so I can change the cartridge. Open the printer, and the head moves to point at the cartridge that needs changing, then to the place where it can be changed. Take the old one out, put the new one in. The click is perceptible, but not satisfying. (Its much better on the Brother.). Close the cartridge lid, close the printer and wait while the ink warning light continues to flash. Eventually it goes out.

How to change a non-empty cartridge off-line? The book says refer to the on-line help (Great I'm not on-line!). The on-line help says (for the 400 + only) refer to the book. - This is an absolute classic IT issue. Companies like Epson should be beyond these problems by now. If it can't be done, which is the case from the evidence I have, then please SAY SO.

I thought chipped cartridges were supposed to know when they were empty. Clearly not.

The photo quality was disappointing for the two or three photos that I have printed. OK I'm using HP paper, but it shouldn't make that much difference.

I note that several reviews give this printer just one star. On my current experience I'd say that was generous. The reviews weren't around when I bought the printer, and it was one of only two all-in-ones that fitted in the space I have.

All this reminds me of a recent Dilbert cartoon:
(I don't know what's happened to the image quality - it was fine before it was uploaded)


  1. Agreed. The Epson sx200 printer really is awful. Every time I try to print, it seems like it's a battle of wills and don't even start me on ink levels and trying to change a cartridge. Decided to give Epson a go after an HP printer died a month outside of warranty. At least when the HP worked, it worked well.

    Advice to anyone considering these cheap, pieces of junk printers. Don't do it, buy something else!

  2. Anonymous20:03

    Why does my Epson stylus sx200 insist on reversing the colour. Ie If I print a purple shirt it comes out green

  3. I've not seen that one! Tried these things?

  4. The ink cartridges for your Epson Stylus printer are quite popular/common and are our best selling compatible and original (OEM) cartridges on

  5. Anonymous10:08

    (AT ANONYMOUS 20:03) Click on the control panel then click printers. Click on Epson SX200 then printing preferences. Then go onto Maintenance
    and Head Cleaning. The same thing happened to me when I was trying to print out a document which some was purple and it turned out green and blue! I hope that helps.

    I have a Epson SX200 and I really hate it. It cost £60 which was a waste. My dad likes this printer though, so we keep it. We only got this 8 months ago. We have had problems ever since. Lines appearing in the prints, jams, ink errors (the price!), different coloured prints and now it's not printing! I turned the printer on today and it said it was offline on the control panel. I clicked on 'Use Printer Online' on the list and then it said it was ready to print when my actual printer was off! When I turned both of them on, the 'Printer Online' and the printer, I tried printing but it said 'Due to a connection problem blah blah blah the printer cannot print out the documents blah.


  6. Anonymous20:25

    I've been trying to change the cartridge for ages, it won't print; the ink supply tab says there is no information, the ink light is flashing and it will not move to the right position to change the cartridge. Eventually I forced it to the right place, and it still won't print! Absolute rubbish. DO NOT GET ONE!!

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  8. Anonymous00:40

    Congratulations to Epson, your machines and you are EVIL!

    Do not buy this product, do some research everyone.

  9. Anonymous18:04

    To date the printer has been fine, but for the last few weeks the Gremlins
    are at work, Printer not printing, will only copy if I press the colour
    button, Getting to the stage where I shall buy a new printer, any ideas.

  10. First I think you should check if you bought the right Epson ink cartridges for your printer. If you bought the right cartridge, make sure that you correctly installed it. If you can't find guides on Epson's website, try finding them on other tutorial websites like e-how.

  11. Epson ink cartridges are sometimes confusing but I really try my best until it would really work fine. Though many of you may be mad at Epson, it still works fine for me. It give me quality prints I want.

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