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Monday, July 17, 2017

Staycation - Despicable Me

Due to various planning difficulties, and Brody having his treatments, the second week of my holiday will be at home this year.

So starting with Saturday.  Liz had arranged a visit with Leo to see "Despicable Me 3" at the cinema.

I had won 4 tickets to the Odeon in the raffle at the Carousel concert at St Mary's recently, so we had to go to either Chelmsford or Southend.  Chelmsford is closer, and I don't like the Odeon in Southend, so it was an easy choice.  Not realising we could have book we arrived at the cinema in time to get the last 4 seats together (2 in row A, 2 in Row B).  Things were going our way as I had driven straight into an available space in the car park on the ground floor near the entrance.

We were soon settled in the theatre, enforced toilet breaks taken.  It was FULL.  The noise was horrific.  Next to me two young girls were 'nesting' - they had a blanket, had removed their shoes and were huddled together like birds on a cliff edge in a storm - except they also had mobile phones.

The film started, and the volume it was played at mainly drowned out the noise, only during quieter parts could you here the inane chatter.  Next to me two skype sessions were in full swing, they weren't interested in the screen it seemed, they couldn't see it from under the blanket for part of the time.  Meanwhile Leo sat in his seat eating his sweets and was properly engrossed in the film.  Surely that's what you go to the cinema for.

Ah, yes, the film. It is popular today to talk about fictional universes - so here goes.  The Desipcable Me universe containing Gru,  Dr Nefario (who is still a man (#DrWho), but not in this film), Lucy,  the three girls and the Minions is not as consistant as it should be.  As the minions are looking for the 'most evil  boss' surely they should switch from Gru to Dru (the twin brother) but they don't.  Nevertheless the story is good enough, and the jokes are reasonable and the animation is very good.  There are also some nice asides and cross references for the adults.  Dr Nefario in Carbonite - for example.  So - enjoyable, if not brilliant.

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